Kindergarten at Seven Persons School is a busy place full of exciting, active learning! The Kindergarten program supports the development of young children socially, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and creatively through purposeful play and exploration, organized activities, cooperation with others and thinking critically. Children are challenged to reveal and practice what they know, acquire new knowledge and skills and to develop positive attitudes which support life long learning. The school motto Live to learn and learn to live provides a framework for the Kindergarten program.

JK and Kindergarten Documents

Seven Areas of Learning

There are seven areas of learning in Kindergarten. These areas provide a transition to the subject area expectations in elementary education and focus on early learning in English language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, physical education, health and life skills and fine arts. Early learning in information and communication technology is integrated within these areas of learning. The seven areas of learning in Kindergarten are:

  • Early Literacy
  • Early Numeracy
  • Citizenship and Identity
  • Environmental and Community Awareness
  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Physical Skills and Well-being
  • Creative Expression

During a typical Kindergarten day, areas of learning may not be separated, rather, topics or themes of study integrate the areas of learning as children are immersed in the theme of study. Theme topics arise out of the needs and interests of the children so may change from year to year. This provides children with meaningful opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes as outlined in the Kindergarten Program of Studies within a common framework of learning.